What Gets Measured, Gets Managed.  What Gets Managed, Gets Done.

– Peter Drucker                                          

That is our Motto because we know, from experience, that success is not just about what you do but also, what you can prove.  We believe that documented outcomes provide the indisputable story that demonstrates an organization’s value to it clients, funders or investors, employees and community. Tracking and reporting the complete story is how companies attract investors, organizations attract great employees and how non-profit organizations attract funders.  Compliance with agreed upon outcomes is table stakes and going from compliance to commitment builds room for even greater and more meaningful conversations.

Compliance is NOT a 4 letter word.  It’s a tool to help you tell your story, using a common language that is shared between corporations and investors, public entities and constituents, and non-profit organizations and funders.

Let us help you craft the outline, document your results and tell your story.


AMD Business Solutions, Inc. is a Chicago-based Program Management, Compliance & Reporting, and Human Capital solutions firm providing businesses with project and program management, audit,  and human capital and financial consulting services for over 10 years. Founded under the name “Building Blocks” by Douglas Harrell, CPA and Lisa Merchant in 1999, AMD is one of Chicago’s most dynamic and established boutique consulting firms. Our clientele includes Fortune 50 corporations, non-profits, financial institutions, as well as county and local government entities.

AMD is dedicated to creating programs and processes to maximize your efforts and results while increasing the productivity of your employees, managers and executives. Our consultants have an average of more than 20 years of project management, compliance, human capital, management, and financial experience. AMD specializes in complex program management, compliance tracking and reporting, process audit and improvement and change management.


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