Our Mission Image AMD Business Solutions

To provide exceptional program management, organizational development, and compliance and reporting services with the highest integrity, to ensure our clients’ outcomes are measurable and far exceed expectations for all stakeholders.

Core Values


We do the right thing. We are committed: Setting high standards for our behavior and sticking to them, even in difficult situations. We are courageous: Standing up for what we believe is just and good. We are honest: Choosing words and actions that are sincere, not misleading. We are disciplined: Remaining dedicated and self-controlled, even when challenged. We are resilient: Learning from mistakes and losses; seizing the opportunity to improve.


We seek to understand and share the feelings, experiences and needs of our diverse stakeholders in order to build the most appropriate and useful solutions. We understand that each stakeholder brings to the table a different lens from which they make decisions, engage and communicate.  We do not act as disconnected bystanders but rather, we are fully invested in the success of each of our stakeholders and their ultimate impact.  Absent a proactive and dogged focus on being empathetic in our endeavors, we will fail. It is that simple.


We share an uncompromising commitment to excellence. We deliver what we promise-and add value that goes beyond what is expected. We achieve excellence through innovation, learning, listening and healthy conflict. We push each other to produce only our very best and settle for nothing less from those whom we serve, employ, mentor and partner.